My name is Rudi Knauss. This is my personal website. I’m an artist and a lifelong tech hobbyist with very little formal experience or training. I spend a lot of time making technology do things it shouldn’t do.

What’s here

This website has articles on some of the more substansial things I have done, things that I would want to stumble across at some point. I’m kind of a generalist, so it could be hardware hacking, programming, networking, or any number of other things that catch my fancy. If you want to catch me more in the moment, I also post a general stream of consciousness on a Mastodon account, @rudi@tech.lgbt - incomplete/unfinished projects and ideas. For now, I will also post links to articles on my tumblr t.ryjelsum.me as well as ActivityPub. This website also has an RSS feed that will update you when I publish another page and provide article previews.

If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to email me at hello@website.

I also write and do sculpture, both as a hobby, and not usually to share with others. The sculpture is mostly simple dishware along with the occasional more substansial sculpture - unfortunately I only have access to studio space intermittently so it’s difficult for me to do extended projects. I may post a gallery of past pieces here, though.

This website is (for now) hosted on a Google OnHub wireless router! I have a category on this website that details some of my OpenWRT tips, tricks, and tutorials for using OpenWRT compatible routers for more general server computing usage.


Here are the personal websites of some of my friends. To qualify for this it has to be a freestanding website. Let’s bring back the old web and reduce our dependence on social media companies, we’ll all be better off for it!

Boyfriend’s neocities - furry worldbuilding, art, characters, & general long-form blogging, mostly about media

luckydevil.nz - my good friend Zelle Marcovicci’s personal blog - a general smattering of ramblings